Solved: Four Eye Color Mutants In Drosophila Apricot Brown Carnation And Purple

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Cross Parents F1 Progeny
Female Male Female Male
A Apricot Red Red Apricot
B Brown Red Red Red
C Red Purple Red Red
D Red Apricot Red Red
E Carnation Red Red Carnation
F Purple Red Red Red
G Red Brown Red Red
H Red Carnation Red Red

Four eye-color mutants in Drosophila — apricot, brown, carnation, and purple — are inherited as recessive traits. Red is the dominant wild-type color of fruit-fly eyes. Eight crosses (A to H) are made between parents from pure-breeding lines. The results are shown in the table.

Part A

Which of these eye-color mutants are X-linked recessive?

Check all that apply.

Check all that apply.


Part B

Which of