Terms of Use

terms of use

You should read the following terms of service agreement carefully before using our service. the use of swriting. Use of inappropriate language or behavior is not prohibited. You have understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions: When placing an order on this website, please affirm that you have read, understood, and concur with these terms. An inquiry/and/or payment constitutes an agreement to follow these conditions.

Interpretation of these terms

According to the customer specifications, the company is responsible for producing the product on time and at a high quality. In the event that the company does not live up to its obligations, the customer has the right to cancel the order and receive a partial or full refund, as described in Our Money Back Guarantee Policy

Our terms can be understood by saying that

To everyone who uses, submits, bids, executes an order, uploads information, and transfers on this website, “consumer,” “you,” and “yours” are examples of someone who is a customer.

swritings.com, owned by SWRITINGS.COM

The messaging system enables the customer to stay in contact with the writer, or team member without interruptions.

Once we receive an order, a job request is sent to our company. It is well defined as to the criteria and standards for the materials to be used in the product.


When you buy an “Order” from a customer, you’re ordering an academic task to complete on your behalf. A detailed specification establishes the nature of the customer’s project and other specifications.


One definition of an ‘order’ is a written order submitted by a customer via the internet on our website. Many of the project’s functions and specifications are included in the project order.

This option displays the current state of the order and the work on it.

The company provides a creative writing service that must be done within a certain time period with specific instructions from the customer. “Writing Service” includes all orders, status, ranging from Critical to Exceptional “To provide Writing Service” means to make, generate, create, or record assignments of papers, theses, essays, or compose completely or partially.

Digital content is a product only if it is created according to the customer’s inquiry and provided to them when completed. A product means a lab experiment that is never intended to be shipped to customers. A product is developed to help customers better understand their area of interest. This product is not intended for use in meeting the criteria of any degree, diploma, credential, or other award for a school that is part of an educational institution that is approved, licensed, accredited, or supervised by the state.

The final request from the customer is made on the conditions of the order.

We like to refer to our quality assurance unit, which measures and safeguards the quality of our merchandise and services, as the Creative Department.


The “Quality Assurance” department is in charge of safeguarding and judging swritings’ products and writing services.

The team or department that helps coordinate and assist with orders and writing services.

An expert is someone who is commissioned by the Company under the Written Agreement to do work as a freelancer.

A personal account within the company is referred to as “balance.” Additional funds can be attached to their individual accounts at the sole discretion of the Order (s).

a specific offer aimed at current customers The aim of the program is to credit clients who bring in new ones to the website with Personal Balance rewards. The pay schedules are not set by the company, and can be adjusted at the discretion of the company.

Order Placing and Registration

Click on the “Add Order” to place the order, and then use the form to create the new order in the application. Writing is available on request only.

All that the customer has to do is fill out an order form, define its work parameters, and delivery terms, and the job will be done. When you complete your order form, you bear the sole responsibility of being sure that you’ve supplied accurate, full, and final information.

Your email and a user name/password are needed, but you can alternatively sign in via Google or Facebook. Don’t hesitate to contact our support department if you encounter any problems when setting up your account. Should your contact information shift, you are solely responsible for updating your profile and should you not notify Support about it.

New accounts will be combined with your original account if they are found.

Order Payment and Discounts

You consent to pay for the service of the Writing Service supplied by the Company when making an order. Once you’ve paid for the writing service, your order is in progress.

Occasionally, the Company may request that the payment be made using the credit card on the Company’s order form on which the client placed their order. It should be possible to see the name and the last four digits of the card number on the card.

The product is paid for according to the specified price, which has been paid in advance, and the job begins.The corporation shall not be held liable for the distribution of product until funds have been received in full and approved.

Orders can be paid by Credits from Your Personal Balance.

If you want a discount or a bonus, the company agrees to give one to you, as an additional consideration. No discount will be given for that order unless the code is given in the code section specified in the order form.

To meet its commitment to provide fair discounts and incentive programs to all customers, the company will never make any exceptions.

The company reserves the right to request payment or additional time for fulfillment of your order, because its amount can only be determined after a manual analysis is completed.

The customer can freely agree to new parameters and set the new order total. A refund will be given according to the Client Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Your Personal Balance

You can only use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to recharge your personal credit card balances with the company. In the event of partial or absolute compensation, you have the choice of using the Money Back Guarantee Policy or transferring the funds into your Personal Account in accordance with the relevant terms.

One credit equates to US $1. It has no limits or expiration date, and is held in your personal account for your use and enjoyment. The number of credits you hold in your online account which will be used to pay for future purchases with the Corporation.

When you put money into credits, you are solely responsible for where it goes and for what it is used. If the funds have been transferred to Credits, they will be used to pay for the future orders only.

The Company will give you a credit to help cover your future orders if you participate in our loyalty program.


Ananiyah is fairly synonymous with Mydentity Corporation’s principal order-entry system, but there are minor changes in the process as well, which could greatly benefit you.

Customer reservation: Once the conditions of the order have been met, the Company retains the right to re-verify the order to ensure that it was done as requested by the customer. If there is a mismatch, Support retains the ability to alter the order in order to satisfy the customer’s specifications.

The volume of words is required for each order placed by the customer. When you order a copy from the Writing Service, the text must be word-countable (the pages must be double-spaced, or single-spaced by the “275 words per page” standard rule). It is permissible for the customer to have a product reformatted according to “275 words per double-space or 550 words per page.”

Changes in order are allowed only if the writer has not begun work. Once the expert begins working on the order, nothing can be changed. Depending on the extent of these changes impact the order, the customer, the price will increase, or the job will be difficult, or the changes will demand extra compensation for additional instructions.

Resources should be defined by the customer, and the process must use them. If the services are not provided, extra fees may be charged, and paid for before the service is rendered. For the majority of the orders, these deadlines are in place:

Order volume that arrives in the day after 12-hour volume needs to be supplied within an hour.

The customer would have to pay extra if they fail to provide the necessary services by the deadline or pay extra if they do not complete the order on time.

Customers are strongly encouraged to use the Messaging System or to speak with the support team if they have questions.

The customer may monitor the status of their order by accessing their account through their personal details, such as their name or credit card information. Consumers should use all communication methods that are available at all times to receive updates on the status of their orders. “

The Customer can specify their preferred Expert ID in the Preferred Writer Option on the order form. implies: By completing this process, the customer agrees that the person who will be offering the services does not have an absolute assurance that they will be able to fulfill the request. In the event of a specific information gap occurring, the Company will appoint the most qualified expert in the subject area. The additional option will be paid for using our charge to the credit balance of the customer.

Order Delivery

If the Writing Service fails to deliver the goods on time, then the company is in breach of contract.

Once the company has delivered the writing service, it is the client’s duty to ensure the availability of platforms. Due to several uncontrollable factors in the customer’s profile and environment, the Company is not responsible for correspondence addresses and other contact details supplied by the customer. The customer is always welcome to contact Support if they have a delivery query.

The product of the writing service is downloaded by the customer in a timely manner that is also acceptable to the company.

It is available from inside the app via the ‘Our In-App’ orders in the Completed orders tab. At this stage, once the order has been processed by the Corporation, clients will be notified by mail. Subscribers with email addresses will also be emailed to the download list. “

These funds will be published on the seventh day, as that is a security for our experts has in place. Be sure to look at your orders carefully. When the total amount has been paid, the product is considered to be completed, and no refund will be given.

Order Revision

Creative alternative: It is offered to the customer as a service to ensure consistency and assuage any dissatisfaction. To receive a free revision of the Product, the customer must use the Messaging System or company email within fourteen (14) days of placing the order or thirty (30) days after placing the order to submit a request for revisions for a thesis, research paper, paper for aor dissertation chapters.If the order is not filled on time, the customer may request a revised order or make an edit. Often, it’s possible for the Quality Assurance department to provide free revision of orders after the deadline has expired.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department to reject any Modification order that conflicts with the specifications on the basis of the original order. When that is the case, the customer is charged for the modifications or when an order is placed, they will be asked to pay additional.

It is a department policy of quality assurance to deny or approve several revisions if the customer’s actions indicate that he or she is using the researcher or customer for excessive demand on the researcher’s time.

The request will be revised free of charge only if it follows any of these Terms and Conditions.

Use of Our Products

When placing an order, you accept that it is for personal and non-commercial use, and the payment reflects both the time spent researching and administrative efforts required for Writing Service and delivery.

The product may not be used, altered, reproduced, distributed, or displayed in any manner that exceeds the limits required for personal use only.

Both our experts work on behalf of our company and hold all copyrights to the shipped goods.

It is only given as a guide for academic writing, or as well as a research project idea. The entire copyrights and intellectual property of the work remains with the company.

Most products are not provided or meant to be submitted to institutions as part of the criteria for a degree, credential, diploma, or other course of study.

If a product is included in a product description, you must cite it.

Integrity of Our Writing

To be successful, it is critical that the company has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, academic dishonesty, and fraud. If this kind of immoral and unlawful use of our products and content happens, we won’t be held liable. “

The Copyright and Permissions Notice must be adhered to at all times. Any breakage of these terms and conditions is solely the customer’s fault.

Disclaimer for Site pages on SWRITING.COM This site’s content may contain third-party links, but swritings.com has no control over and no relationship with websites other than its own.Our Company does not, and would not accept, and is not responsible for, monitoring any liability arising from the content provided on our website, so-called ‘linking’ to other websites. As mentioned in the user agreement, visiting these links is your own risk.

Click here for our Privacy Statement. Your personal details when using this website can be found in the Legal/Privacy Statement section. This right is vested in the company by law to send new services, deals, etc. to consumers as it sees fit. But with that being said, though, our customers are of utmost importance to us and we don’t share their private data with any other businesses or organizations. The company is ensuring their data stays safe by using a secure payment system. Of course, credit details should not be obtained without our knowledge; Our company can not be held liable if this happens. We appreciate our customers’ confidence that they place in us, and welcome any concerns about their privacy or protection

Coverage clauses

You have entered your Order or Payment and fully understand all of the following conditions. You accept and hereby warrant: This product or service is meant to be used for learning academic paper referencing techniques (i.e., APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.). Citing information and ideas taken from sources is needed at all times.

If the assignment is over, every customer agrees that there is payment for any time and effort involved in gathering, organizing, correcting, and rendering the final product. Additionally, it is also used by our customers to keep the Website updated and relevant for their personal use. Personal and educational copies of the finished product shall not be distributed, published, modified, transmitted, or displayed except with the prior written permission of the Company approval.

Any product made by our freelancers automatically includes authorship and copyright transfer. By making a request of this kind, you consent to destroy all and to destroy all company-supplied products after your research/reference use is completed. No unauthorized or unauthenticated distribution or use of this work is permitted.

You consent to receive exclusive offers from the Company as part of this Order. You may directly withdraw your consent to receive this information in your account settings. We don’t warrant or reflect on our website or materials. No warranty, including merchantability, title, specific intent, or that the information provided herein is free of defects.

Although we do not promise that our operations will be error-free, we will make every effort to prevent errors. We are not liable for any damages that may occur as a result of the application of content published on our website. The consumer is solely responsible for ensuring that the information on this website is correct, applicable, or full. We encourage the use of our Writing Services only by experienced authors.


You agree to agree to any of the terms and conditions mentioned above, including the stipulation that you will not hold Consumers, the Company, its agents, employees, officers, or shareholders, other related persons, affiliates, or sources, or other entities responsible, as well as any third-party providers or suppliers or vendors responsible for any losses, actions, rights, or claims of any kind resulting from any arising from this agreement. including but are not limited to phone, but are not limited to: hardware or software, internet, computer failures, network, computer malfunctions, email, or technical difficulties, and computer failures;

Furthermore, you agree not to hold our Company and its affiliates, as well as any and all of their successors and assigns, liable for any claim, demand, or liability made by a third party arising from your use of our Services, your agreement to these Terms and Conditions, your breach or violation of another party’s rights, or your failure to perform Your personal duties, or any other liability incurred by.The Company will never be held liable or accountable for any losses that result directly or indirectly from the use of this website and any information given here. In certain states and territories, you will not be held liable for damages that were not reasonably foreseeable at the time of purchase of the merchandise or delivery of the services. As such, your previous statement does not apply to you.

Modification: We have the right to cancel your service at any time even if you have provided all of the requested information and it is subsequently found to be accurate, or revised and accurate information; if you fail to assist in any process; if we think you’re involved in fraudulent transactions It is prohibited to try to disrupt or harm swritings.com, the site’s servers, or customers, and could result in account termination. Threats such as viruses, trojans, unauthorized transmission of data, and “spamming” will be added to this list. If you violate any of the conditions, we can cancel your access to the service and any fees charged for it or granted to us at any time. the responsibility of the Company: The sole responsibility is to determine whether or not a breach of the contract has occurred.

Amendments: You accept and consent that the Company can amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and conditions without prior notice to you notifying you. Since these terms and conditions can be changed from time to time to time, it is strongly advised that all customers read them periodically to keep up to date.

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